Ken Grant

Host & Co-Founder of Vivace Leadership


Ken Grant has spent half his life connecting people with brands and brands with customers. This includes 20+ years as a brand strategist (agency and consultant), successfully building large brands around a company’s most important asset - their people.

Ken’s ability to connect, dig deeper and truly inspire those around him was showcased in his TEDx presentation “Summon Your Super Power” and reinforced in this book: Yoga In A Business Suit. He is naturally inquisitive, demonstrated in his background as a TV reporter and TV personality, segment producer, in addition to being a radio show host/DJ.

Matt Magee

Product Manager

Matt Magee is an experienced change management professional with a commitment to helping leaders build strong communities and sustained growth. Whether designing training programs in conflict management and interpersonal communication for a community credit union, coaching new supervisors to develop leadership competencies at any level, or developing a broad-scale public engagement strategy for federal lands across the West, Matt enjoys building capacity in leaders and communities for effective and inspiring communication.


After some invaluable experiences from Walla Walla, to Washington, DC, to the Western Slope of Colorado, he is happy to be back in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, where he can occasionally be difficult to spot amongst the other homebrewers, woodworkers, hikers, paddlers, and musicians.

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